Foxy Equilibrium
Foxymon is a feature in built for farmers. Adopt a Foxymon, get LP token and start earning! 10,000 Foxy Token will be distributed daily.
Adopt a Foxymon for 50 Foxy token. You only need 1 Foxymon to provide LP!
Click 'Approve Ape LP' button.
Purchase Foxy - BNB liquidity pool token from Ape Swap -​
Go back to your Foxymon page and click on Add LP. Submit the amount of LP you want to add, and approve the transaction.
10,000 Foxy tokens will be distributed to all pets with LP added. The amount of tokens you receive will be based on the LP size, and your LP amount.
You will receive Foxy tokens reward daily by adding LP to your pets. Do take note that your LP tokens will be locked for 90 days.
This will help the project by building a stable liquidity pool! 😊
Last modified 5mo ago
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