Foxy Equilibrium
PVP Battle πŸ”₯ (Temporarily unavailable)
Here's where you can fight other player's pet and gain Foxy reward!
PVP is temporarily unavailable, will be back when equipment feature is released
Each PVP battle consumes 50 stamina. You can only recharge stamina once a day on each NFT. You'll need 1 Foxy to refill all stamina.
Select which pet you'd like to use for battle.
You can then filter your opponent's tier. Only opponent of up to +3 of your pet's level will be displayed.
Once the opponents have been displayed, select which opponent you want to attack and approve the transaction.
Battle results will be shown once transaction has been completed. You will gain Foxy tokens and EXP if you win. You will only gain EXP if you lose.
Click on 'Attack' and approve the transaction in your wallet after you have selected an enemy pet to battle.
Battle results is RNG. Higher tier pets will have higher chance of winning against lower tier pets.

RNG explained

This data ranges from 1 to 10,000.
So if your FNFT has 200 power and the enemy's has 100 Power and you decide to fight this FNFT:
A random value is generated from 1 to 10,000 for you and your opponent, so if your value is 5000, it would then be the final value 5000 (+200) totaling power 5200.
If the enemy's drops 5110, then his power would be 5110(+100), totaling 5210.
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