Battle Strategy 🪙
We'll explain the optimal battle strategy for the best ROI here. (credits to Castilho). Short answer - If your power is more than 1300, go for PVE. Otherwise, PVP is better.

Win Rate Calculator (Thank you Fabio!)

Crazy Common Pets

So, the worst of the worst. You will literally won’t reach 1.300 power with it till level 40 something so, yeah, just go PVP and hope for the best. Chances are low but there’s no question about it: Just fight for the highest reward available and hope for the best. In the long run you should make a profit if you can cover the GAS costs.

Crazy Rare / Normal Common

Again, while a bit better than the last one, it’s still pretty hard to justify anything besides PVP till level 20.

Normal Rare / Crazy Legendary / Genius Common

Epic Crazy and Common Smart are pretty close and should follow the same strategy, but always going for PVE two levels higher. Yup, a Common Genius is something really unimpressive. Nothing much to say here. Level 11 is the sweet spot to start doing PVE, but you could go a bit earlier, say level 9 or 10, if you want a bit more safety from RNG. PVE.

Smart Rare / Normal Epic

I would say this is where things get good. Those and above are pretty solid picks for the current version of the game. From level 7 onwards you should go PVE and if you’re more conservative even level 6 should good.

Smart Epic / Normal Legendary / Genius Rare

Probably the best in terms of cost/effectiveness in the game right now. Epic Smart is really strong and should go for PVE as soon as it hit level 5 or, again, if you’re more on the safe side level 4.

Genius Epic / Smart Legendary

Both are also pretty good, but for some reason you can usually find Epic Genius at a lower price on the market, even though they are the same stat wise. Keep a look out for that. Hit level 4 and never again try fighting another player.

Genius Legendary

The crème de la crème, best of the best. These beasts are Foxy making machines. Hitting level 3 is more than enough to make PVE worthwhile.
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