Foxy Equilibrium
Boss Battle πŸ‘Ή
Fighting in boss battle will yield different tokens and possibly NFT rewards!
Boss might not be available all the time. Once a boss has been defeated (Boss HP reaches 0), you'll need to wait for the next event for new boss to appear.
On the top left corner, there are icons which displays the stats for current boss battle.
Sword - Boss power. Final battle result is based on 1 to 10k RNG + boss power. Heart - Boss current health. When it's 0, boss is defeated and players can claim the reward. Chest - Total reward available. Skull - Your total contribution. Coin Bag - Your total reward.
To join boss battle, you'll need 4 different pet type - Novice, Mage, Assassin and Berserker. It will costs 100 stamina and 1 FOXY per battle. You'll have 5% chance of obtaining NFT crates after each victory. Boss battle results - 1 to 10k RNG + boss power Your battle results - 1 to 10k RNG + sum of all pet's power
You can only claim the reward once the boss has been defeated. Work together, contribute as much as you can to defeat the boss!
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