Foxy Equilibrium
Feed & Stamina πŸ”
Feeding pets will increase their levels (more rewards), and change the time of death (TOD) of your pet. Make sure to feed your pet before it reaches it's TOD.


It is super important to feed your pet. Make sure your pet's time of death (TOD) doesn't reach zero. You'll have to pay hospital fees if your pet gets admitted into the hospital πŸ’€.
In 'My Pets' page, select which pet you want to feed. If you want to select all, click on 'FNFT all' check box.
On the top right corner, select Multi feed for multiple pets, or use the single feed button in 'Action' to feed individual pet. Feed cost is shown on your pet's tab, and the cost increases for higher level and rarity pets.
Feed DOES NOT STACK, it will only increase your pet's experience & level, but not TOD if you feed multiple times at once. For each FOXY spent, your pet will gain 100 exp.
Approve the transaction. Your pets are now full, thank you! Feeding pet will increase your pet's experience point. As your pet's level increases, so does the reward and stats.


To check how much EXP is required to get to a certain level, please use the calculator tools -​


Stamina is required for PVE, boss and PVP battles. PVE consumes 40 stamina per battle, and PVP consumes 50 stamina per battle. Boss battle consumes 100 stamina per battle.
As of V3, pets will gain 200 stamina gradually every 24 hours.
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