Rescue ⛑️
Rescue tab is where you will be able to find pet which has reached it's time of death (TOD). You can rescue them to gain 5 Foxy reward.
Click on 'Rescue' tab from the top left menu bar.
You will see pets which have reached 0 time of death (TOD) in this page. If nothing is shown, it means none of the pets are at 0 time of death.
Pet rescue will reward players with 5 Foxy. Each account can only rescue 1 pet per day to prevent bots exploitation.
Once someone has rescued the pet, the pet's owner needs to pay hospital cost to release their pet. You will not be able to use pets in battle and gain reward if it's hospitalized. Hospitalized pets will have a red cross symbol on their display.
Rescue fees (stacks up to 7 days)
Common - 10 Foxy a day Rare - 20 Foxy a day Epic - 30 Foxy a day Legendary - 40 Foxy a day If your common pet has been in hospital for 3 days, you'll need to pay 30 Foxy to release it, so please remember to feed your pet!
Last modified 4mo ago
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