PVE Battle ⚔️
Battle monsters and get a chance to win Foxy reward!
Each battle consumes minimum 40 stamina. You will gain 200 stamina every 24 hours.
On the top left corner, you'll see some icons which displays the stats of PVE battle.
Sword - Select which pet you want to use for battle Lightning - Your stamina. Each battle cost 40 stamina. You can use up to 200 stamina to battle 5 times to save gas costs, but it'll only show 1 result, and the reward will be x5. Piggy bank - Total reward you've gained in PVE. Timer - Before the timer reaches 0, if you want to claim your reward, there will be a 20% tax. If timer is 0, you can claim all reward without paying any taxes.
Opponent's power and reward will be shown once you've selected your pet for battle. Each attack consumes 40 stamina. Pets with higher level, rarity and intelligence will gain higher reward.
Battle results will be shown once the transaction has been completed. You will gain Foxy token and EXP if you win the battle. If you lose, you will only gain EXP.
Battle results is RNG. Pets with higher tier and level will gain more rewards.

RNG explained

This data ranges from 1 to 10,000.
So if your FNFT has 200 power. Enemy pet only rolls between 1-10000 (no added power)
A random value is generated from 1 to 10,000 for you and your opponent, so if your value is 5000, it would then be the final value 5000 (+200) totaling power 5200.
If the enemy's drops 5000, then his power would be 5000 and you will win. Power will not be added to enemy as bonus in PVE.
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