Foxy Equilibrium
Foxy Equilibrium is an experimental, play to earn NFT game on the BSC network which integrates (BEP721) tokens into the dAPP. Players can claim daily rewards, feed pets, battle with others and more!

πŸ–₯️ Foxy Dev πŸ–₯️

πŸ’° Tokenomics πŸ’°

Initial Supply: 250,000 Foxy
Symbol: FOXY
Initial Price: 0.0001 BNB per FOXY. (0.05 USD as of launch date)
Foxy Contract (BEP20): 0x4354a4f710182966e55ea30cfa807fa1b821a67b
Foxy NFT Contract (BEP721): 0xAf1E565cF3beC4a673268b1b4e2c8c6bDD5e43Ba
Token Distribution: 0% pre-sale. 81% liquidity. 19% Pool AMM BSC DEX.
Launch Date: 30th March 2021
Launch Method: Fair launch with no pre-sales & private sales. Listing on Pancakeswap & Apeswap.

πŸ”₯ Burn Mechanism πŸ”₯

FOXY token is inflationary and has no cap yet (like DOGE coin), hence it is important that there's a balancing measure in place, to keep circulation healthy. Fortunately, Foxy Equilibrium has some good burning mechanism which will keep your FOXY token scarce and valuable!
100% FOXY token will be burned from boss fees and rescue, 80% FOXY tokens will be burned from adopting and feeding. We will discuss more about these concepts in the gameplay section.
Below is a breakdown of what happens when the above transactions are carried out.
Tokens burned when adopt, feed. rescue and boss fees burns 100%. This helps keep supply low!
Goes to lottery box pool. Every Foxy NFT owners will stand a chance to win daily.
The remaining 10% goes into Dev wallet. This will be used for marketing and development to make the project even more AWESOME.
Your tokens will not be burned when buying or selling from exchanges. Burning only happens when you pay to adopt, feed, shield and heal pets.
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