Change Log
All updates done for Foxy Equilibrium will be documented here.


  • Rework of the PvP system.
  • Addition of PvE battles.
  • Removal of HP from FNFTs.
  • Removal of Attack from FNFTs.
  • Stamina added to FNFTs.
  • Power added to FNFTs based on level, rarity and intelligence.
  • Changes to feed and adoption prices.
  • Option to purchase experience for FNFTs.


  • Temporarily removed PVP feature. Will be back with equipment in next update.
  • Added Boss battle.
  • Removal of pet killing after time of death.
  • Added rescue and pet hospital feature.
  • Stamina will now regenerate 1 point every 300 seconds.
  • Removal of feature to purchase EXP.
  • PVE reward now has claim timer.
  • Minor UI/UX update.
Last modified 11mo ago
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