Foxy Equilibrium
Change Log
All updates done for Foxy Equilibrium will be documented here.


    Rework of the PvP system.
    Addition of PvE battles.
    Removal of HP from FNFTs.
    Removal of Attack from FNFTs.
    Stamina added to FNFTs.
    Power added to FNFTs based on level, rarity and intelligence.
    Changes to feed and adoption prices.
    Option to purchase experience for FNFTs.


    Temporarily removed PVP feature. Will be back with equipment in next update.
    Added Boss battle.
    Removal of pet killing after time of death.
    Added rescue and pet hospital feature.
    Stamina will now regenerate 1 point every 300 seconds.
    Removal of feature to purchase EXP.
    PVE reward now has claim timer.
    Minor UI/UX update.
Last modified 1mo ago
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