Here's where you will learn how to sell or buy FoxyNFT or Foxymon from Babylons marketplace.

Buying Pets

Visit and select 'Game Space'. Connect your wallet on the top right corner of the page.
Search for FoxyNFT / Foxy Monsters, with the verified badge.
You can use the filters option to look for specific pets.
The pet information are shown on the 'details' tab if you click on it.
Make sure you have the required amount in Foxy / BNB token, and enough for gas fees. Approve the transaction. Your NFT will be shown in your 'My Items' tab!

Selling Pets

Click on your profile on the top right corner, and select 'My Items'.
All your FoxyNFT and Foxy Monsters available for sale will be shown in the 'collectibles' tab.
Select which pet you'd like to sell, and follow the steps above to put it on sale.
You may choose to sell for Foxy or BNB. Place
Approve the transaction on your wallet and follow the wallet instructions. Once the transaction is complete, your pet will be listed on Babylons!
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